Gaestehaus Huber

Apartment Penken

Our Apartment "Penken" has a seperate kitchenette and both bed rooms have an own bathroom and a  balcony-


Make yourself comfortable in the spacious, cosy living room with kitchenette!

Apartment Penken 59m² for 4-5 persons

  tl_files/icons/punkt-huber.gif 2xDouble rooms (1xextra bed)
  tl_files/icons/punkt-huber.gif Kitchen, Living room with TV
  tl_files/icons/punkt-huber.gif 1xBathtub, 1xshower,
      2xWC, hair dryer
  tl_files/icons/punkt-huber.gif Ante room, phone, balcony SW
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Gaestehaus Huber
Gaestehaus Huber